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Wetlands Irrigation & Turf Care

Wetlands is a team of committed, positive, and hardworking people. We have a high standard of excellence and believe a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. We want each person to succeed and realize that by working together more can be accomplished than what could be done alone.

We provide turf, irrigation and fertilization solutions. Our products and services are of the highest quality and offer the best value.

Our customers are homeowners, business owners, property managers, cities, colleges, and sports field directors and many others. Our customers call on us because they have high standards and recognize the need for professional services to achieve results.

We treat each person with attentiveness and gracious respect. We have consistent and life long relationships with our customers. We look forward to serving you.

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The History of Wetlands Irrigation & Turf


Irv Greer began installing sprinkler systems by request of his landscaping clients in 1993. In ‘95 Bob Baldwin was hired to be the irrigation foreman.

Summer of ‘99

In the summer of 1999, Nelson Nursery split off their irrigation division and formed Wetlands Irrigation, Inc as a partnership between Irv Greer and Bob Baldwin.  In the spring of 2000, Bob bought out Irv’s shares and became sole owner of Wetlands Irrigation, Inc.


During this period, Bob completed several large projects that required travel for up to a week at a time.  Between these projects, Wetlands focused on residential clients and building the reputation of a company that would be around to provide ongoing maintenance and service to anyone who needed it as many companies at that time didn’t want the hassle of service work.

Early 2010

I was 19 and working with my cousin, Jack, in his car detailing business. While I enjoyed the work, I knew it wasn’t something that I was going to do long-term. I began praying that God would help me find a new opportunity.

Shortly thereafter, my Great Uncle Percy approached me after church one Sunday morning. He said he had a friend who was wanting to sell his business and that for some reason he had thought of me! After meeting with Bob Baldwin and Kevin Marks (SiteOne) and my banker, I decided to move ahead with the purchase of Wetlands.

March 2010

I became the official owner of Wetlands Irrigation, LLC in early March of 2010 and took possession of the company's cell phone.  One employee, Clark, came with the business and trained me for approximately two weeks. The first property I remember working on was Mike D’Amico’s, a client that we still have to this day!

The first new system we installed was for Neal Beam, who took a chance on this new crew! (The system is still performing well (except for those pesky WM solenoids)).  Records show we had around $73,000 in sales in 2010. The employees were my cousin Duane and me.


These were busy years. 2010-2013 were drought years. In fact, one of those summers, we had 100 days over 100 degrees! It was trial by fire. I remember tears of exhaustion as I sat at my parent's kitchen island and listened to all the voicemails I had gotten through the day or called clients to set up irrigation checkups!

Our Mission

Serve our team. Serve our clients. Serve our community.

Solving lawn and irrigation challenges for our clients while fostering a culture of harmony and accountability.  Providing opportunities for growth to our team while fulfilling the need for service to our clients and community. To provide a great experience through traditional values and innovative processes. To be the bridge for our team to achieve the greatness that is meant for them.

Core Values

Be Honest to Yourself and Others

It’s all about building trust. It’s better to tell someone the truth (tactfully, of course), than to just tell them what they want to hear. The truth will usually come out sooner or later anyway!

Think like a Customer

If I was paying someone to do this, how would I want it done? We want our clients to be glad that they chose us, not grumbling that they could have done it better themselves! Would you want dirt or mud on your driveway or trash left lying in the yard?

Be a Professional

In the way you work, dress, and speak. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck! You are a professional, and you need to think of yourself as such. Learn more about what you are doing so that when someone approaches you, you can speak knowledgeably on the subject.

Be Respectful to Clients and Team Members Alike

If you give respect, you will get respect. I have seen very few situations where keeping your cool and being respectful have not improved the outcomes.

Take Responsibility

Life is 10% circumstances and 90% what  you choose to do with them. The sooner you realize that it’s up to you to create change, the sooner you will be able to make a difference. A leader is anyone who changes the negative energy of a situation and begins focusing on a solution.

Be Accountable

Do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. Is the expectation clear? Is there a clearly defined timeline and/or deadline? Is someone responsible for the outcome?

Projects Completed from ’00-’10

Wetlands installed several notable projects. These include: 

  • The waterpark in McPherson 
  • Grants Sports Complex in McPherson
  • The waterpark in Hays
  • Several ballfields in Hays
  • Installing a sprinkler system for the Goddard School District (2 miles of 6” mainline)
5 Star Review

Very responsive and dependable with their service. Technicians are very courteous and efficient. We will have Wetlands do all of our sprinkler system service in the future.

Linda Argo
5 Star Review

Employees very polite and careful to do job correctly. Came to fix issue when expected. Thank you to the Techs.

Steve Bair
Main office
5 Star Review

Nice people here. Every time I ask for their help, Wetlands has met the challenges. Starting from office personnel to field support. I would highly recommend.

Eric Beck
Main office